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Simply Social is a full service creative agency based in Dublin. We’re fuelled by data, collaboration, and the passion to tell brand stories. We work with businesses both large and small to help them tell their story through the power of  social media. Simply Social was founded on the premise that design and creativity can be implemented on a daily basis through social. 

The value we provide is in creating/portraying an answer to the question "why?"

 To be a brand is a decision in itself versus a commodity. There are many ways to build a brand but it is our belief and experience at Simply Social that successful brands always have a "why". Why are people loyal to certain brands? Why do people choose one brand over another. Why do people follow a brand on Instagram? We  are here to construct the "why" by building these foundations through core growth strategies that consist of, consistent posting, high-quality photography, animations, illustrations,  and videography all which collectively create a voice for your brand. Through the implementation of these strategies, we are pulling consumers to your brand compared to 90% of social profiles which are poorly constructed which essentially push consumers away. 

Social Media 

 We believe quality brands can be built through social media in a very cost-effective way by creating high-quality content. We tell brands stories through content that is engaging. We like customers have to have a “why” before you “buy”.  We build brand loyalty. We help build/portray your “why” online, pulling people towards your brand rather than pushing it on them. This creates a lasting relationship with your customers. 

Most brands treat social media as a necessary evil, posting without a plan, in a reactionary manner. By constructing a carefully designed online strategy you can truly utilise the power of social media to attract and engage with your customers in an authentic manner that lasts. This is a foundation of effective brand building on social media.

Social Media is now one of the most powerful marketing tools with the ability to communicate with a target audience in real-time. The challenge some “do it yourself” companies run into is the ability to develop and maintain these channels. Thats where we come in to help, social media is constantly evolving and Simply Social evolves with it, putting our clients ahead of the curve and helping them thrive in today’s cross-device digital world. From content development  to social media management to paid advertising, our team of social media experts use data to optimise content and excite your target markets.

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Creative Services
Social Media Management
Creative Services
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