Client - Manhattan Popcorn

Discipline - Food & Beverage

Location - Dublin

Simply Social was challenged to create an updated brand identity and manage all Manhattan Popcorns social profiles on a daily basis  that would appeal to a diverse audience while standing out visually and thematically in an oversaturated on the go snack category. 

Manhattan a legacy Irish brand was founded in 1957 and is Ireland's leading popcorn brand.  Manhattan have always had a policy of offering the best quality at affordable prices. Their popcorn comes in a range of 15g, 30g and 100g packs as well as 30g cheese flavoured packets.

Other products in the Manhattan snack range include Salted Peanuts, Dry Roasted Peanuts, Pistachio Nuts, Cashew Nuts, Chilli Nuts and Manhattan Crisps. 


Simply Social was approached by Manhattan to Increase brand awarness and online sales through social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok & Twitter.

This required a brand strategy and identity to position the brand  for national and international brand recognition. Manhattan worked closely with our team of in - house content creators to build the foundations of a legacy brand from the ground up to exponential heights. 


Since Simply Social begin working with Manhattan on growing their brand awarness  through social plafroms we have seen the following since March 2019:


  • Followers +40k                                                                       
  • Daily average impressions + 1.37m%
  • Average likes per post + 17.3k% 
  • Average comments per post + 10.9%
  • Reach +3.42m%


  • Engaged users + 474.7k + 120k%
  • Total page likes +31k 7,645%
  • Posts reach + 54.37m +20.29m%


  • Irish content awards nomination best social FMCG 2020. 

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