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Does your brand's target audience include anyone from the ages of 13-60? Probably

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The age of snappy, short-form video content is well upon us. TikTok is a powerful medium for brands to reach mass audiences and drive customer engagement - it should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

For the third year in a row, TikTok was the most downloaded mobile app across the globe in 2022

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41 % of the 1 billion daily active users are over the age of 30. Still think TikTok is just for kids?

In the last year, more than 1 billion videos have been viewed every day on the app

We’ve done the research

Let's cut to the chase - If you're looking to connect with your audience through authentic and diverse content, we are the agency for you. Our team of dedicated TikTok creators thrive in this ever-evolving social media landscape and will work closely with your brand to find its own personal niche on TikTok.

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